schlage nd lock


The 6211 would be the most common electric strike to be used with cylindrical locks on a single door application.  Check the template to confirm compatibility with specific cylindrical lock model n...
The letters GD, HD, BD, or BDC should be put after the lock function. EXAMPLE: ND53BD GD = Schlage SFIC core HD = Construction core BD = Less core BDC = Plastic temporary construction core
The standard out-of-the-box ND lock will fit the following door ranges: All functions except ND85 will fit onto a door 1 5/8" through 2 1/8" extended equally. The ND85 will fit on doors fro...
On ND-series locks manufactured on or after January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number is 03-232.  You will need to specify the design and finish.
On ND Series locks manufactuered prior to January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number was 03-032.  
ND locks can be extended up to 6" Extended Outside.  
The Schlage ND is shipped with a driver/tailpiece when ordered with a LD, BD, or JD suffix.
The old D series lever lock was replaced by the ND lock in September 2003.
For modular designs: All functions except ND85 the tailpiece part number is N523-022. The ND85 tailpiece part number is N523-123. For non-modular designs: All functions except ND85 the t...
ND locks shipping on or after January 30, 2017 will look very similar when assembled to their predecessor that shipped prior to that date. There are several ways to distinguish the old versus the n...