Set up remote access


The Request to Exit (RTX) switch input can be used as a remote door release.
A single-pole, single-throw switch (e.g., pushbutton switch) must be connected across the RTX input pins.
When the switch changes state (e.g., from open to closed), the CT5000 will change the state of the Strike relay.
Some Access Control Panels are designed with “Supervised” or “Dry contact” requirements for the inputs and have no common ground between the ACP (Access Control Panel) and device at the door. “S...
Schlage offers the “RLBD” to support these supervised or dry contact interface applications. The "RLBD" plugs directly into the PIM400-TD2 or PIB300-TD2 for easy hook-up.  
Please reference this Tehnical Note RLBD SES-20120418 for RLBD setup, use information, hook-up diagrams and some testing suggestions when connecting to a Supervised dry contact Access Contro...
This is a link to the RLBD Installation Instructions.
This RLBD data sheet can also be found at Schlage/Technical Support. RLBD DataSheet
The PIB300/PIB301 should be located as close as possible to the Access Control Panel.  Do not exceed 500 feet.
Wiring distance from the PIB300/301 to the AD300/301 locksets may be up to 1000 feet (18AWG) for Power and up to 4000 feet (24AWG) for the RS485 data lines.
See the User Guide instructions in the links below
23848385 is the part number to order for the COM400 radio board that has the MCX jack for the optional RF antenna. It is shipped in the PIM400 and WRI400 so if needed for the wall mounted module yo...
The only difference between the COM400 in a door lock (AD400) and the COM400 in a wall mounted interface module is the MCX jack, which is provided for the optional remote RF antenna when needed o...
The COM400 has only two versions of FW, 2.2a and 2,2d and they are cross compatible and completely functional with all AD-Series wireless devices. There is no reason to change a FW 2.2a to a FW 2...