smallest leaf lcn closer


LCN does offer a 2810 Senior Swing / 2010 manual closer combo for a pair of doors.  Both units contained within the same Senior Swing header. To order a paired operator with a 2810 on&nb...
Surface Mounting - A 9542 DD (double door) header and a 9540-18 mounting plate can be used on the active leaf. A manual closer with a PA (parallel arm) can the be installed on the inactive leaf.  B...
14" door leaf is the narrowest with standard template.
The 4040XP, 1260/1261, 1460/1461, 4030/4031 closers have the tri-pack mounting option when ordered with an Rw/PA or Hw/PA designation.
The LCN closers are not designed nor intended to be exterior mounted in the elements.