solenoid is hot


If voltage going into the solenoid is much higher than 24VDC it could cause the solenoid to get hot. Check the power supply output voltage to confirm. If the holding coil on EL solenoid is shor...
This is usually an indicator of applying excessive voltage.  Measure the voltage going into the solenoid and make sure you have 24-26.4VDC cross the two wires going into the solenoid. Also measure ...
It is normal for a solenoid to be warm to the touch.
Various situations, such as continuous duty use or application of voltage that is higher than specified, can cause the solenoid to become warm.
If there is concern that the solenoid or device is "too hot" or has the capability to cause injury, disconnect the device and contact a authorized service representative to analyze the opening.
You can't run 24VDC into the 12VDC electric strike, over voltage such as this will cause the solenoid to heat up and damage the solenoid.  You must change to a 24V solenoid, part number 050240-00.
Make sure the proper power supply (PS873 or PS914) and proper gauge and run wire is used for Chexit devices shipped prior to 8-24-2015 with solenoid driven. Related Solution: What wire&n...