steelcraft top caps


When rust appears, repair the affected surfaces by finish smooth, clean, treat for maximum paint adhesion, and touch up the surfaces with a direct to metal (DTM), rust inhibitive primer.
Prime or painted surfaces which have been scratched or otherwise marred during installation (including field welding) and/or cleaning must be field repaired and re-primed by the installing contractor.
The old end cap for 33/35 is no longer available, use the new end cap part number 050014-xx.
When factory installed on GrainTech® doors: Finish Stain - YES, top caps, bottom caps and astragals are stained (prior to attachment) to match the GrainTech® door finish. GrainTech® Steel - NO, t...
The location to the top of hinge will vary depending on hinge size used. 6'8" Frame with 1 1/2 pair of hinges (top to top): For 4 1/2" hinges from the head to top of each hinge is 7 1/2", 37 7...
CAUTION must be used in investigating this problem - In most cases, excessive field rusting of products is caused by improper storage at the jobsite. That situation must be validated prior to refus...