strike for pair no mullion


For non fire rated doors only the 1609 strike would be used on the inactive leaf that is flush/surface bolted or with a *surface or concealed vertical rod device on other door leaf.
The 1609 strike can be used on an inactive door with 22 rim device.  NON-FIRE RATED doors only. 
To use Von Duprin mullion for something other than our standard strike, order the mullion "Blank" and prep in the field.
The 909 strike is used in single and paired non-fire rated and single fire rated openings.  The 954 strike is used in fire rated paired openings.
The 1609 strike cannot be used with Von Duprin XP98/99 exit device.
Chexit devices are NOT electric latch retraction.  In order for Chexit device to operate with an auto operator you will need to add a rim electric strike on a single door or a pair o...