surface mount senior swing with clear hinges?


Push Side Surface Mount Senior Swing can be used with swing clear hinges, standard templating. Pull Side Surface Mount Senior Swing cannot be used, the pull arm will hit the back of door at approxi...
Locate closer and arm from the centerline of the swing clear hinge pin.
Pull Side Mount: The 4040SEL X ST-2966 is required for pull side mounting with swing clear hinges. ST-2966 template
Push Side Mount: Take the dimensions for the closer and track from centerline of swing clear hinge pin for the push side mount.
The 9542, 9553, 9563 surface mounted Senior Swing with a regular arm, mounted on the push side of the door, can handle a reveal from 1 1/8" up to 10". The 9542, 9553, 9563 surface mounted Senior S...