swing clear hing closer type


Locate closer and arm from the centerline of the swing clear hinge pin.
Surface Mounting - A 9542 DD (double door) header and a 9540-18 mounting plate can be used on the active leaf. A manual closer with a PA (parallel arm) can the be installed on the inactive leaf.  B...
The 4110 Cush closer can be templated for 85°, 90°, 100°, and 110° maximum as standard templates. The 4110 if ordered by ST-3220 will allow templating to 135°
The (SF) "Swing Free" arm allows the door to be put into hold open position, but then repositioned (swing free) to any other degree of opening without taking the closer out of the hold open mode....
The SEH is an "electronic holder" (ONLY) that is used to hold open a Fire Rated opening. It requires a door closer to be mounted on the opposite side. It is normally used on an existing opening wit...
A Double Egress frame is a double door frame prepared to receive two single-acting doors swinging in opposite directions (both doors are) the same hand. These openings are installed in cross corrid...
See attached templates.  5BB1HW Swing Clear Hinges
Pull Side Mount: The 4040SEL X ST-2966 is required for pull side mounting with swing clear hinges. ST-2966 template
Push Side Mount: Take the dimensions for the closer and track from centerline of swing clear hinge pin for the push side mount.
Swing clear hinges are available with TW (through wire).