three latching points


9857, 9957
9857-F Series, 9957-F Series
57, 9857, 9957
MultiPoint locks are three-point locking systems that secure the door at three points – top, bottom, and traditional center latch location. Operating just like traditional locks, MultiPoint locks...
On May 1, 2013 the LM9000 lock was discontinued and replaced with the LM9300 Multipoint Lock. 
The Schlage LM9000 series lock was originally designed for use in FEMA (tornado) storm shelter openings and/or Florida Building code (hurricane) assemblies.  Doors, frames and hardware can be order...
  Specify either an L or B doors for use with the LM9000 or LMV9000 Specify the F frame for use with the LM9000 or LMV9000 Order the lock from Schlage as you would normally The concealed rods...
Click HERE for the  instruction and template for 237L device.