Turn Lever options on panic bar


We can build 33/3527A/F, 33/3547A/F, 98/9927/F, and 98/9947/F exit devices for 2 feet wide doors.
Falcon (19. 24, 25, and XX) parts manuals for Exits are downloadable on the 
Only the 02, 03, 06, and 17 levers on 360L, 370L, and 996L series trims are available in knurled. Von Duprin doesn't offer Teflon coating.
This change was implemented in firmware package CO.A.6 (or later) to help the customer in the communication and coupling process between the CO200 (CO250) and the hand held device (HHD). ...
The green LED is to be lit up until the spindle (Triangles and Key Switch) are aligned properly; providing a visual indication of the problem.  
If the mechanical alignment of the triangles on the back of the outside escutcheon are not aligned, the CO200 or CO250 will not connect with the SUS/HHD and will appear to be unresponsive...
In firmware CO.A.6 (or later) the Schlage button on the CO200 (CO250) will turn green anytime that the spindle triangles on the front escutcheon are out of alignment or the mechanical key switch is...
When unlocking the CO200 door by mechanical key override, the green led will be continuously ON until the key is released. This will occur after firmware CO.A.6 (or later) has been installed int...