tw hinge and qel


The Security Stud and TW4/8 (through wire) options are in the same location on a hinge and cannot be ordered together.
Swing clear hinges are available with TW (through wire).
The electrified hinge can be used on QEL exit devices.
No, you can only add one 900-2Q option board to the PS902 power supply and 900-2Q only can support two QEL devices.
Yes the Von Duprin QEL exit device retracts the latch bolt and pushpad. Pushpad and latch bolt stay retracted as long as power is applied to the QEL exit device.
Product Ordered after 7/10/2012 - Product identified by label on QEL motor You no longer need to use the 900-2Q option board (no longer available) with the PS900 power supplies to ...
Product Ordered before 7/10/2012 - Product identified by no label on QEL motor. You must use the 900-2Q option board with the PS900 power supplies to operate the QEL devices.  The attached ta...
The old MPB842 power supply will power up to two EL electric panic bars but will not power the QEL devices.  A defective potted module inside the electric panic bar or defective power supply coul...