vertical or horizontal tailpiece


The rim cylinder with thumbturn, XB11-979 (Figure 1) was designed to be installed on the inside head of the Von Duprin 98/99–2 double cylinder exit devices, see Figure 1. The rim cylinder with...
 The tailpiece of the rim cylinder can be inserted into the Von Duprin 98/99 rim device either vertical or horizontal.
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Both cylinders are standard non-ic rim cylinder. 20-022 has a horizontal tailpiece 20-021 has a vertical tailpiece
The current 812L trim will replace the older 182L trim. Due to the thicker escutcheon plate of the 812L trim a 1 1/2" mortise cylinder with straight cam for mortise devices or a longer rim cylinde...
As of May 23, 2011 the Schlage H-Series is assembled with the Schlage B500-Series deadbolt and a new linkage. If the deadbolt is being replaced for a lock manufactured prior to May 23rd, 2011...