von duprin doesnt work with card reader


All Schlage/XceedID wiegand proximity readers currently understand: -ASK (Amplitude Shift Key) - Used in GE/CASI -FSK (Frequency Shift Key) - Used in HID Prox, AWID, and Lenel The third proximit...
ISOX card technology is no longer supported - contact XceedID sales
When CX99L-BE is not armed with key cylinder on the device or shunted by card reader, the exterior 996LBE lever trim will release.
The access control system should provide Common and Normally Closed dry contact that will connect between the green and white wire on the CX 10 wire harness.
If a hand reader has an ethernet or modem card installed, the RS-232 port will be automatically configured as a printer output and RS-232 option removed from the SET SERIAL menu.  In order to ...