- AD Series and CO series products require that the Night Latch (NL) screw is installed in the exit device.  Be sure this screw is installed- Exit hardware and strike must be properly mounted ...
The 376T trim activates and connects to the 33/3547A top rod. The 360T activate and mounts to the 33/3547A center case.
Von Duprin does not offer any of the danmark lever designs by Schlage.
The AD or CO - 993 is NOT compatible with a Von Duprin 98/99 Concealed Vertical Rod exit device on wood doors.
Device: Pushbar end caps, pushbar trim and center case cover. Trim: Lever assembly, trim plate assembly (trim plate and bushing sleeve).Bronze Finish Comparison
The 98/99 rim and vertical rod exit devices are shipped with NL drive screw to function as a Night Latch. To convert the device to Class Room, remove the NL Drive Screw on 98/99 center case ass...
No, the Von Duprin 88 is available in US3, US4, US10, US10B, US26, and US26D finishes.  It is also available in US3A, US4A, US15, 643e, and sprayed glossy black (SPBLK).  
No, Von Duprin does not offer the 88 or 55 exit device in US5 finish.  
If the NL screw on the 99 device has been removed the Trilogy lock will not retract the latch.
Von Duprin Exit Devices (33A/35A, 98/99, etc) are handled on a case by case basis regarding their ability to handle salt and chemical environments. Our powder coated finishes US28 (Anodized Alum...
Equivalent to the Schlage D series line with a C keyway. Part number 21-002.
The Von Duprin 372L & 370L/BE series trims are discontinued and there are no replacement for them.  The new 33A/35A series exit devices use 360L trim. 370/BE trims were used with old style 33/35...
The Von Duprin 994L series trims were square on top and bottom.  They were discontinued in July 2010.
The wires run through the device out to the EPT. See step 7 on page 5 of E996L instructions.
All the templates can be found at us.allegion.com   Please click here
The Von Duprin 1609 cannot be used on a pair of fire rated doors. We recommend using the Von Duprin fire rated mortise exit device in lieu of the rim device such as the Von Duprin 5575-F,...
The conversion kit does not contain a new mechanism case cover plate.  If a cover plate is desired, you would need the Fire or Less Dogging Cover Plate for EL/QEL conversion kit and Panic cove...
You cannot lock the push side of the exit device as a panic device by design must allow exit.  Any attempt to block an exit is forbidden by code.