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The 376T trim activates and connects to the 33/3547A top rod. The 360T activate and mounts to the 33/3547A center case.
The spring in the hinge case or end case assembly lifts the crossbar and both lever arms.  If broken, the crossbar and lever arms will drop down. The weight of the crossbar and levers will automati...
Exit alarm ALK devices are not recommended for exterior application. We do not offer water proof exit alarm ALK devices.
ANSI grade one cycle test is 500,000, grade two is 250,000 and grade three is 100,000.
 We do not do testing on other manufacturer's trims to work with Von Duprin exit devices.  You will need to contact Kaba Ilco.
No, the 33A is not compatible with the AD and  CO 993  chassis units. The  33A can only be driven in a clockwise direction. This would restrict it to right hand installs only.