Von Duprin Special Engineering form


The Von Duprin RX996L trim was released to standard order entry in May 2010. The Von Duprin 996L and 996L-BE trims can be ordered with RX switch. The 996L-NL and 996L-DT trims can not have the...
The 8190 can be order as a standard for 2 1/4" door thickness. Specify the door thickness to get proper mounting hardware.
Allegion order forms are only available to Authorized Distributor Partners.  Authorized Allegion Distributor Partners can view order forms and ordering information by logging onto the “My All...
AR1 is Auto-Reset 1.5 minute, AR3 is 3 minute, or AR6 is 6 minute option processed through engineering specials on a Von Duprin exit alarm ALK.