von duprin trim parts catalog


Order E-Trim Mech Kit  part #050671-00 which will include a new solenoid already mounted to the blocking mechanism. See installation instruction # 921297 here which will show how to remove block...
See 24 and 25 series trim section in the Price Book.
Device: Pushbar end caps, pushbar trim and center case cover. Trim: Lever assembly, trim plate assembly (trim plate and bushing sleeve).Bronze Finish Comparison
The 230L mounting stud is part #971245.
You must use the drive bushing that is supplied with the 179L control trim.  It is different from teh 1790 bushing.
Step 3 and 4 of 179L Instructions will show the old drive bushing being removed & the new drive bushing getting installed
The Exit Only (EO) device will accept any 19 Series trim as the main cam for the trim input is always put on the device center case.
The Trim/Device Cable part number is 040193.     If a Chexit device is ordered with an E996/RX996/E7500 from the factory, the trim/device cable is automatically furnished at no...
This solenoid is replaceable. 24V:  part number  050671 kit   or 050814 (solenoid only) 12V: part number 050898 (solenoid only)  
These parts are no longer available.  For reference the spring part number is 4841 and the clip part number is 4326.
The thumbturn for rose trim is specified by 09-509 and the Dim, see table below. Dimension Chart: 09-509 Thumbturn  Part Number     Door Range   Dim     09-509     1 3/8" ...
The L283-150 is a modified mounting plate to allow a user to only install trim on the inside of the L9000.  For installation and door prep requirements, see the install sheet.  Add...