vonduprin standard finishes


No, due to the location of the deadlatching cam on the face of the Schlage L9000 lock, the Von Duprin 6211 is placed much "lower" on the frame than the standard 3/8" ANSI prep (typically "higher"...
The current Powder Coat finishes are: Aluminum (BHMA 689) Dark Bronze (BHMA 695) Brass (BHMA 696) Light Bronze (BHMA 691) Statuary Bronze (BHMA 690) Blac...
Tan Powder Coat can be ordered but only available as a special finish with a metal cover.
White Powder Coat can be ordered as a special RAL finish with a metal cover.
626 Satin Chrome
010055-xx is the part number for Blade Stop Shim kit for 6111 or 6113 electric strike and it must be ordered separately.  xx is for the finish callout.
Beginning December 6, 2010, all 33A, 35A, 98 & 99 devices ordered as 313AN Anodized was furnished in SP313 (dark brown powder coat).  All devices ordered as 315AN ...
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No, the Von Duprin 88 is available in US3, US4, US10, US10B, US26, and US26D finishes.  It is also available in US3A, US4A, US15, 643e, and sprayed glossy black (SPBLK).  
No, Von Duprin does not offer the 88 or 55 exit device in US5 finish.  
The UL fire label is only applied to the device center case cover at the factory when the device is built.  This label can not be sold or replaced with a new one.
The BHMA standard 689 is an Aluminum finish, and is silver/gray in color.
Von Duprin Exit Devices (33A/35A, 98/99, etc) are handled on a case by case basis regarding their ability to handle salt and chemical environments. Our powder coated finishes US28 (Anodized Alum...