warranty for ND series locks


The ND-Series RX,  the L-Series RX and latch monitoring switches are Form C - Single Pole Double Throw (also known as SPDT).
ND82PD (ANSI F87) Institution Lock  Both levers fixed. Entrance by key in either lever.
SCHLAGE locks are available with the following backsets: Lock Series Lock Type                 ...
ND53PD (ANSI F109) Entrance Lock  Turn/push-button locking; pushing and turning button locks outside lever, requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked. Push-button locking; pushing bu...
According to ANSI specifications for cylindrical or mortise locks: The lock strike centerline should be 40 5/16" from the bottom of the frame with the lock in relation to the strike.&...
There are several part numbers available: Part Number Contents 09-774 SFIC driver & Spacer N523-091 SFIC driver D500-000 Spacer