what cylinder is needed for von duprin tl


To convert the Von Duprin 360L/TL from nightlatch to classroom or from classroom to nightlatch invert mortise cylinder cam.
To change the 360L from TL (classroom) to NL (Night Latch) function invert the cam on the mortise cylinder. See attached instruction. 360L Instruction
To change the function from TL to NL on 360L trim, invert the cam on the mortise cylinder.  See the 360L instructions:https://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/InstallI...
The Von Duprin 370 series control required a 1 1/4" mortise cylinder and will not operate with 1 1/8" mortise cylinder.
The Von Duprin 7500 mortise lock body ships in the NL mode.  Either the function of 7500 lock body has not been changed to the Classroom function or the NL Drive screw is not all the way down. Step...
  Tips for changing the function: The NL Drive screw will not be visible when lock body is set to Classroom function There is locktite on the screw that makes it seem like its turned down enou...