what does an inverted cam look like?


To change the 360L from TL (classroom) to NL (Night Latch) function invert the cam on the mortise cylinder. See attached instruction. 360L Instruction
 A 1 1/4" cylinder with straight cam is required for the Von Duprin SD (Special Dogging) exit device option.
The cylinder cam must be inverted with the SD option to work properly.
The keycam may have failed, example here, the latest design keycam can be easily identified as the colored changed to black. Replace either the keycam or chassis as needed...
 This could also happen if the tailpiece isn't installed in a KIL, FSIC, or SFIC cylinder.  The FSIC driver also could have come loose from the core in the spindle.
Von Duprin KR (key removable) mullions requires a 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with the standard straight cam, the cam is not inverted. Please see chart below for part numbers. 
 The Schlage ND75 and ND95 locks require the chassis to be assembled and timed correctly for operation.  If the chassis has to be disassembled for any reason please refer to the Assembling Schlage ...
The Von Duprin CD kit comes with the cover plate machined to accept the cylinder dogging mortise cylinder.1 1/4" mortise cylinder with an inverted straight cam is required for CD option on Von Dupr...
To convert from a ND95 to a ND75 remove the outside keycam and replace it with the N123-009 keycam.
Effective July, 2014, there is no longer a specific modular cam part number for dogging. The Schlage modular straight cams come with two mounting holes that allow for the cams to be mounted inverte...
To convert a Schlage ND80 to a ND70 you can replace the keycam or chassis and use your existing trim. Ordering Instructions: Keycam only: N123-010 Chassis and springcages: ND70LD LLL 626 LL...
A keycam is a sub component inside a cylindrical chassis (such as AL or ND) that provides the interaction required to lock and unlock the chassis.
A design change occurred in 2001 to address a locking/unlocking issue with the discontinued D73 lever locks.  This included modifying the cam and plug, spindle and using a different plung...
To convert the Von Duprin 360L/TL from nightlatch to classroom or from classroom to nightlatch invert mortise cylinder cam.
The cam is not inverted on the mortise cylinder for the CD option.