what does fixed by mounting bar mean


The minimum top rail required to mount a 4110 closer is 5-1/8" measured from the stop of the frame. If the top rail is less than 5-1/8" the 4110-18 drop plate is required.
Half dummy trim - Knob/lever on one side is fixed by mounting bar. N escutcheon only. Not recommended for use on wood doors.
Full dummy trim - Knob/lever on both sides is fixed by mounting bar.
4640 Flush Ceiling mounting requires a minimum 1-3/4" Header, and a minimum 3-3/4" Top Rail on the door.
There are 2 types of door coordinators available: Bar Coordinators (Ives COR Series): Surface mounted to the bottom surface of the frame soffit. The active door lever, located nearest to th...
The 2030 closer requires a minimum 1-3/8" top rail on the door for the standard track.  For a top rail less than 1-3/8" and as narrow as 1", you could use the l...