what does "H-Al" mean


For hurricane applications, seamless edges are available as an option: H-Series doors are available with optional seamed filled (HF) seam welded (HW) door edges. HE-Series doors are a...
Ives SB360 surface bolt at top and bottom are the only flush bolts approved for use on H-Series hurricane FBC or NOA applications? The only approved latching hardware for inactive leaf of pairs w...
Interconnected Locks: a lockset whose trim provides a means of simultaneous retraction of two or more bolts which may also be operated independently Medium duty Commercial, government or multi-...
To remove the knob:  Turn key 45 degrees clockwise Push in catch push pin and pull off knob  
*The older wafer style locks did not use a knob catch.  The chassis must be disassembled before the knob can be removed because it uses the wafer lock chassis spindle.
The H-Series is not available with a small format interchangeable core option.