what does pa stand for


BAA/ARRA stand for Buy American Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. A brief description of some of the federal requirements can be found in the BAA Catalog on the Allegion...
Country of Origin (COO) information can be found in the Buy American Act (BAA) brochure.
To obtain product certification forms:Download the BAA Catalog on the Allegion website Complete the information requested in the the BAA Catalog with a detailed copy of the prod...
Schlage and Falcon do not offer products that have been evaluated by European Directives (CE).
The Rw/PA arm is simply a regular arm that is packed with a 62PA (parallel arm) shoe, which will allow a (Tri-Pack) closer to be mounted in a regular, top jamb, or parallel arm application.
The 62A shoe is used when it is necessary to install the door closer (lower) down on the door so that it will operate under accessories such as overhead stops, coordinators, etc.
Optional closer reinforcements are located at 3" from hinge jamb to the beginning of the reinforcement plate. This applies to Regular Arm, Parallel Arm, Top Jamb. Regular Arm (RA) closer reinfor...