what is doromatic


EL only retracts the latchbolt or vertical rods/latches. Pulling on or tampering with the push bar has no effect on the solenoid plunger remaining seated in the solenoid. ED retract...
To determine the SC series, measure center to center on the closer body bolt hole mounting pattern and an overall description of the closer and arm. SC91 -- 6-3/8" x 3/4" -- unique arm SC93 -- 9-1...
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Fire rated devices are not an option.
Install the pinion cam at the top of the retractor per Figure 7-3 in Step 7 of 1690 Instructions.
Yes, the 990 is the direct replacement for the 1990 devices.
The devices baseplates/scissor assemblies are different and will not accept the Von Duprin RX switch.