what is HH


HH hurricane rated devices usually have a deferent strike and fire rated mullion. Standard 98/99 series exit devices can be converted to HH by changing the strike and mullion on pair of doors. ...
Remove the PIM400/401 cover. Connect the HHD to the PIM using the HH-USB cable. The PIM400/401 will be displayed on the HHD screen. On the HHD, select Device Options, On the PIM400/401, press and h...
You can also follow the proper procedure by linking to the Schlage Utility Software User Guide document on page 19 Couple HHD to PIM.
If the PIM400 has already been coupled with a HHD, the Coupling process will be disabled and the PIM400 will no longer go into its Coupling Mode.  You must RESET the PIM400 in order to allow (re-en...
The miniature banana plug on the module can be ordered directly from the part manufacture (Pomona Electronics, Sales: 900-490-2361 part number model #4513) or from (Digi-Key part number 501-1425-ND).
Cable used to connect Hand Held Device (HHD) to CIP for programming legacy CM/CL/KC products
Cable used to connect Hand Held Device (HHD) to AD- and CO-Series products
Cable used to connect Hand Held Device (HHD) for programming legacy CM/CL/KC products. Must have SUS 6.3.3 in HHD to support the HH-2PIN Serial cable.
Order the 25 device with the "HH" prefix as described in the device options in the Price Book.