what is masonry frame


Excessive premature frame rusting is caused by improper jobsite installation practices and most likely caused by the following circumstances: Grout: Frames are grouted in place using incorrec...
F-Series, FN-Series, MU-Series, FE-Series, DE-Series; Grouted Frame
CAUTION must be used in investigating this problem - In most cases, excessive field rusting of products is caused by improper storage at the jobsite. That situation must be validated prior to refus...
Mortared Frame; Masonry Frame
Yes, an additional jamb anchor can be used at the bottom of the frame in lieu of the typical (adjustable or weld-in) base anchor in fire rated frames. This is limited to the anchor designed for...
F16, F14, F12, F Series; Masonry Frame, Drywall Frame, Conventional Frame
FN16, FN14, FN Series; Masonry Frame, Drywall Frame, Conventional Frame
When rust appears, repair the affected surfaces by finish smooth, clean, treat for maximum paint adhesion, and touch up the surfaces with a direct to metal (DTM), rust inhibitive primer.
Prime or painted surfaces which have been scratched or otherwise marred during installation (including field welding) and/or cleaning must be field repaired and re-primed by the installing contractor.
Mortar; Masonry Frame
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