what is pa/rw


Regular Arm with Parallel Arm Shoe
The Rw/PA arm is simply a regular arm that is packed with a 62PA (parallel arm) shoe, which will allow a (Tri-Pack) closer to be mounted in a regular, top jamb, or parallel arm application.
The 4040 Rw/PA can be mounted 3 different ways. The 4040-18 drop plate is used for the regular pull side mount. The 4040-18TJ drop plate is used for the top jamb push side mount. The 4040-18P...
To install a 4041/4040XP with Rw/PA or Hw/PA arm, you need a minimum of 5-3/8" top rail on the door, measured from the bottom of the stop. If the top rail is less than 5-3/8", you will need to use ...
The 1461 Rw/PA requires a 4-3/8" minimum top rail on the door without the use of a drop plate.  If top rail is less than 4-3/8" a 1460-18PA drop plate will have to be used.