what is passage


Apartment Corridor Lock function is defined as a lock where the latch bolt operated by lever from either side, except when outside lever is made inoperative by a stop or mechanical means other than...
Passage Lock - The Outside Lever is always unlocked - The Inside Lever is always unlocked and is always free for immediate egress
Passage/Closet Latchset - Latch bolt operated by knob/lever from either side at all times.
Passage latch with three-point latch - Latchbolt retracted by knob/lever from either side at all times. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is closed. Inside and outside knob/lever are al...
Passage/closet latchset—Latch bolt by levers at all times.
The U-Factor, R-Value and K-Thermal Rating are measurements of thermal transmission through building products. U-Factor: Overall co-efficient of heat transmission passage through a built-up panel...