what is privacy


L9496 is a Privacy mortise lock with “Occupied” Indicator. Knob/lever retracts latchbolt from either side. Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key outside (retraction by key required in the event ...
M504-271 is the emergency key used to open a locked S40.
-On the AD series offline locks only you can change the lock function from Classroom/Storeroom to a Privacy, office or apartment function out in the field. - This is done via the HHD/SUS using...
When Privacy Mode is entered, the lock is secured as part of the Privacy Mode process.
When Privacy Mode is cancelled, if the lock is still within the Auto-Unlock period, the lock toggles unsecured.
If the lock is NOT within an Auto-Unlock period when Privacy Mode is cancelled, the lock stays secured.
A flat head screwdriver can be used or the 35-250 emergency key.