what is SFIC


(Small Format Interchangeable Core is a small format cylinder core which can be removed from one housing and placed into another lock without removing or disassembling the lockset/door hardware.
Everest Patented SFIC Mail Box Lock
Everest Patented SFIC Rim Deadbolt Lock
Everest Patented SFIC Ratchet Lock
Everest Patented SFIC Rim Latch Lock
Drawer cabinet lock, SFIC, 3/4” bolt throw
Door cabinet lock, SFIC, 1” bolt throw
Everest Patented SFIC Cam Lock
For ND locks shipping on or after January 30, 2017, the lever and core driver will need to be changed to convert from JD to BD.SFIC lever, 03-200SFIC driver and spacer, 09-774
For ND Locks shipping prior to January 30, 2017:The springcage(s), lever, and core driver will need to be changed.  Depending on the function the components below are required.Outside spring c...
Yes. Both Schlage and Falcon SFIC mortise housings will accept 6 and 7 pin cores with no additional parts.
The Schlage small format interchangeable core rim cylinders 80-329, 80-159, 80-116, and 08-129 can accept 6 pin and 7 pin small format cores.
ND locks can be extended up to 6" Extended Outside.  
The small format core throw member for the AL locks is C604-381.