What keyway is Sargent?


Schlage Everest B keyways are restricted SFIC keyways.
The part number is 48-102 C, you will need to specify the cuts.
A PO from a distributor with a letter of authorization from the end user.
The chart below outlines the hierarchy of the Everest C sections.  The bottom row (C134, C145, C135, C125, C124, C123, C234, C235, C245, C345) are available in a cylinder and key...
Falcon D series deadbolts will not accept Schlage Key-in-lever cylinders. The faceplate plug hole is smaller in diameter than the Schlage plug and does not fit flush when i...
For a Schlage "C"  keyway:  Specify "CP6" as the cylinder suffix when ordering  D100 or D200 locks (All other Schlage keyways are not available).
The "C" indicates small format IC core, which is the only core style Falcon products.  The C987 will be provided less core unless -6, or -7 suffix is specified (6 or 7 pin core) Example:...