what latchset do I use with an electronic strike?


The Von Duprin 6210 electric strike was designed for retrofit applications and will not work with the Falcon MA series lock when strike and lock body are mounted at standard locations (centerline o...
Von Duprin 6223 electric strike is the most common closed back strike or the 6221 for open back strike on inactive leaf that can be used with Schlage L9000 or Von Duprin 7500 mortise lock.
The center line of the L9000 mortise lock is 7/8" above the center line of the 6211 electric strike. This is the "C" dimension given on the second page of the 6211 template.
The 5100 electric strikes are for use with cylindrical locks only.  Instead use the following:6211 electric strike is used with mortise lock without deadbolt on a new single door, hollow ...
 The 10-042 is an electric strike used for cylindrical and tubular latch sets.    VOLTAGE  24 VAC  12 VDC &n...
39-030 can be used on the A, AL, B250, B500, B600, D, ND, S products. This kit adapts a square corner latch and a 2 3/4" high square corner strike to 1/2" rabbeted door and frame preparation.
No parts are compatible between the Falcon MA-Series and the obsolete Falcon M-Series.
Only the 10-079 or 10-078 strike should be used with the L400-Series.  
The new Falcon T-Series latch, introduced mid-June 2013, will work with all available T lock strike options.  No changes have been made to the strikes.