What model number keypad lock do


Schlage and Falcon use the P cylinder suffix to designate conventional key-in-lever (KIL) 6 pin cylinder.  The D means that the lock will have a deadlatch.
Locknetics company supplied electro-magnetic locking devices, electronic smart locks, and electronic security components to access control dealers and lock smiths.  Ingersoll-Rand acquired ...
All Keypad ONLY credentials with firmware versions between 2.9.2 and 2.11.0 should be updated to the latest firmware available at www.schlage,com/support.
A firmware issue with Keypad ONLY credential firmware, versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0 and manufactured between 9-9-2010 and 1-5-2011 will exhibit poor battery life.
The Keypad ONLY credential Reader (KP) can prevent the reader from entering its low power sleep mode - with firmware versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0
A Technical Note has been generated to document one method of measuring battery current. See the attachment HERE.
ALWAYS put the PIM400 in LINK mode first. On a PIM400-TD2 press the LINK1 Button for door one, and LINK2 button for door 2. With a PIM400-485 you must use the SUS/HHD to select which door to...
1. To put the AD400 in LINK mode, hold down the RTE (Lever or crash bar see below) and press the # key on the key board, or present a card to the reader.       ...
2. AD400 requires a Request To Exit (RTX) signal to link - see the user guide instructions for the linking process.    For an AD400 to enter link mode, it must see the RTX...
   3. Check the AA battery level, if the AA batteries are below 4.7 volts the AD400 can fail to LINK.             Ins...
4. PIM400/AD400 COM400 plug could be damaged! The small pins in the Main PCB board connection for the RF COMM board can get bent during installation of the RF COM400 board. If the PINs are be...
Only the lever return spring is available.
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Coin cell replacement is not immediately registered by the AD200/250 firmware.
Performing a processor reset (pressing and releasing S1 on the Main PCB Assembly) will register the new coin cell.
Cycling lock power (i.e., disconnecting and reconnecting the "AA" battery pack) will register the new coin cell.
The coin cell part number is CR2025 - 3 volt lithium - available at most battery or electronics stores.