what replaces g series schlage lock


The G-Series lockset was discontinued in 1981, and all service parts for the G-Series lock were discontinued in 1985. 
 The current interconnect lock, S200 series (available in levers only), will not fit into the same door preparation.
Schlage G Series template locate here.
While they are both mortise locks they are not interchangeable.  You would NOT be able to use a L9000 with a VD panic device. You would NOT be able to use a VD 7500 with Schlage lev...
The process to change the Credential Reader on an AD-Series lock is as follows: Note: To ensure firmware compatibility of the lock and reader, it is important that the firmware in the LOCK and the...
  Falcon strives to provide a solid product, with solid performance, at a solid price. To better align with this mission statement the Grade 2 tubular Falcon Y lock and all parts will be...