When was Broadway discontinued


The D lever was discontinued in October 2003 and there are no parts available.
The Schlage B400 deadbolt was a grade 2 deadbolt and was discontinued April 1, 1996.  Its replacement was the B100 grade 2 deadbolt and no parts were compatible between the two.
The EL94/95 Inpact solenoid is different than the EL33A/35A/98/99 solenoid. The part for the Inpact solenoid is 113189.  
As of 1/16/2013, the 113189-00 EL INPACT SOLENOID/PLUNGER ASSY is no longer available.
The 996L trim is the current standard trim with a break away feature built into the lever. The 994L was the original breakaway lever trim for the 98/99 series.  DISCONTINUED in mid ...
  Additional information: The 996L looks like the 992L The 996L replaced both the 994L and 992L The internal parts for the 994L and the 996L are exactly the same. The 992L prep was a li...
The 330 closer and parts were discontinued in early 2009. LCN does not have any parts available for the 330 series closer. The LCN 3030 Series would be the comparable closer replacement to the...