wind pressures and closers


To correctly answer this question, we need to know how much more force is required to get the door closed. They could try turning the Rod & Shoe over (short side of shoe towards the hinge), or they...
The pneumatic operators are designed to function with an input air pressure to the 7901/7902 Series control box of 80 (min) 100 (max) PSI, and an output pressure of 60 to 80 PSI to the pneumatic (2...
If an Size 1 (ADA) closer is set to 5 lbs. opening force, it will only have about 3 lbs. (60/70%) closing force. If the closer will not close against air pressure, but the ADA requirements have to ...
LCN does not recommend this type of installation, and has never sold a coupler to do this.
For Allegion's recommendation see here.    
A 4110 with AVB (advance variable back check) would be recommended. Using a SCUSH (Spring Cush) arm will also help minimize shock to all door hardware.